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Scalewatcher 5-Star Waterproof Electronic Descaler

  • Scalewatcher 5-Star Waterproof Electronic Descaler
5.00 LBS
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Product Description

Scalewatcher 5-Star Waterproof Electronic Descaler 

Electronic Hard Water Treatment System For Your Entire House

ScaleWatcher is the pioneering leader in electronic water conditioners since 1988. ScaleWatcher will descale your existing system and prevent new scale from forming, along with saving you money!  The Scalewatcher 5-Star is the most powerful residential model out there - designed to work outdoors in all conditions!

Does this sound familar?

  •     Scaled-up pipes and hot water systems
  •     Scale on kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  •     Scale on dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances
  •     Blocked shower heads
  •     Itchy dry skin and hair
  •     High soap and detergent usage
  •     Dull glasses and silverware

There is an easy solution! ScaleWatcher 5-Star!

  •     Installed on the incoming water pipe, ScaleWatcher will descale and protect all of your home's water pipes, appliances and fixtures. Existing scale is dissolved and gradually disappears.
  •     Existing scale around faucets and fixtures softens and is easily removed. New scale will not form.
  •     Hot water heaters will last much longer. Return heater to its original efficiency Save on fuel costs
  •     Kinder to skin. Water feels softer. Most sufferers of dry skin a eczema usually notice an improvement .
  •     Easy Installation and can easily be moved.
  •     No Chemical changes to the water and retains beneficial minerals.
  •     Increase life of water filters in water filtration systems.
  •     Can be used for all types of pipes: Copper, steel, lead or plastic pipes.
  •     Low Energy Consumption. Uses 8 watts of electricity per hour.

How Does it Work?

Scalewatcher uses the application of DDMF-Dynamic Disturbance of Molecular Forces. The electronic unit sends out a computerized modulated signal which then agitates the Calcium and other minerals, causing them to come out of solution and become suspended. This stops any further build-up of scale by preventing the molecules from adhering to themselves or any other surface. The water's capacity to dissolve minerals is also increased, therefore existing scale is dissolved back into the water and gradually removed




Just 1.5mm of scale can cause a 15% increase in energy usage!


    Resin sealed solid state circuitry housed in a high impact thermoplastic enclosure.
    Power: 110/240V 50/60Hz with external 12V transformer. UL approved
    Controls and Indicators: All unites are fitted with indicators for mains power and descaling signal.
    Electrical Standards: ScaleWatcher conforms to EEC Manufacturing Standards of Electrical Safety. The units are hermetically sealed to IP54 and can be operated in damp surroundings.
    European Patent No. 0357102
    USA Patent No. 5074998
    All indoor ScaleWatcher units carry a 10 year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Warranty Information

Performance Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the performance,, having used Scalewatcher for at least six months but not longer that twelve months continuous operation, we will refund the purchase price in full.

Manufacturer's Guarantee: All residential Scalewatcher units carry a 10 guarantee on materials and workmanship.

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