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Water Ionizer The Truth Revealed Part 1

Water Ionizer-The Truth Revealed Part 1

If you are reading this you are most likely like me. On a quest, a mission, a goal.  One of the noblest quests we as humans can strive for and attain. The quest for a disease free, vibrant life! The life that we all know we were born with and entitled to have.  It is our choice to live healthy or not.  I for one am not looking to live forever, but the years that the creator gives to me, I’d like them to be full of energy and well being. Wouldn’t you?

So here we are looking for the same thing. Image that!  Which brings us naturally to the current subject, water ionizers, can they really provide the miraculous water that we are being told they can and we are wishing for?

We think they can. Water ionizers are a means to an end. We drink the water, not consume the water ionizer. It’s like the drill. We aren’t concerned about it in as much as we want a hole!

 Let’s go back a few years to understand how this all started.  We owe it to the Russian scientists that discovered and experimented with it throughout the 20th century. They did all of the early postulations and theories. Experiments included the removal of radiation in the 1960’s using ionized water to remove heavy metals from the body.

A decade later, in Japan, research and development of ionized water continued, where the first residential water ionizer was introduced.  The majority of scientific papers published on the effects of ionized water have been done by Japanese scientists. 

The first commercially available water ionizers for home use in the United States began around 1996. We ourselves purchased ours a few years later in 2001. We are still using the same machine we originally purchase. The amazing thing is, properly cleaning the water cell of any build up of mineral deposits these machines can last many years.

Fast forward another 10 years and the word is rapidly spreading about the effects of drinking this water. The number of quality machines is increasing and more choices are available to the consumer.  Most manufacturers offer an extensive warranty.  

Let’s talk about the three wonderful changes that occur when ionization happens.

  • The pH of the water is increased to a higher level.  Most people find that drinking it at a pH of 9.0 to 9.5 tastes the best.  Many scientists believe that disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.
  • Ionization occurs and we drink the –ORP water. This water is called sometimes “antioxidant water” and now becomes a “free radical scavenger”. This is mind blowing in its self as tap water is positive ORP or oxidative. Think “rust” versus “no rust”.  This “ORP” can be measured scientifically by a special meter that measures in mill voltage (mV) of the water.
  • The ionized water that we drink consists of smaller water cluster of H2O, instead of being around 10-13 molecules per cluster it is reduced to 5-6 molecules per cluster. This allows us to absorb the water easier. In fact we hydrate up to 6 times better with ionized water. Everyone benefits from this, however if you’re athletic you’ll appreciate and understand the benefit of this feature.

Starting to see the tremendous benefits of alkaline antioxidant water?  What we love about it the most is that once your machine is hooked up in your kitchen all that is required of you is to drink the water!  How easy is that?

In the next article we’ll explore some of the “hype” regarding number of plates, how they are made, how much power, and what features are a “must have”.  Stay tuned in!  To your health!