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money back guarantee

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Water Ionizer Express came  out a a vision of its owner, Jay Cunningham. In 2001 Jay purchased his first  water ionizer, a Jupiter Marvello. At that time there were very few water ionizers on the market  That ionizer and the health benefits from using  it led him and his family  to see the benefits of owning a water ionizer and drinking alkaline antioxidant ionized water.

Fast forward to 2007 and Jay, an executive for a Fortune 500 company, decided that he wanted to create his own business with products that he enjoyed and belived in.

Always a health conscious, fitness orientated person and after careful consideration and research, he created in 2008 Better Water Store selling top rated water filtration systems. This online ecommerce business has been a success and keeps growing.  In 2009 water ionizers were added to the inventory and the rest is history.

Sales have increased such an amount with the water ionizer products,that a separate website and store needed to be created and that is Water Ionizer Express.

Our goal is simple:

  • Only offer the best brands of water ionizers.
  • Stand behind the product and experience of drinking alkaline ionized water by offering, what we belive is the best money back guarantee in the market.
  • Leave the sales hype to others and offer only ionizers that we feel would benefit the customer no matter what the price. If you don't need an expensive model and your needs indicate that a less expensive model will fit the bill, then that's what we are going to suggest.

One of our customers were looking at a $4,200 unit from another manufacturer.  After he had done his research, they called us and asked what we would suggest. We ended up saving him over $2500 dollars. Oh, and during our conversation we talked about Hawaii and he mentioned he always wanted to take his wife there. After talking to his wife and calling us back up to place the order, he mentioned that they can have both the ionizer and the vacation!

That's what we aim to acheive every day. To make a difference. Stories like these and others that call to say what a difference in their health drinking alkaline ionized water  has made in their lives is what makes our day.

We invite you to be part of our family of satisfied water ionizer owners and users! Call us and put us to the test.

By the way, that first ionizer is still in the company's owners house and is still working great after 10 years.

Water Ionizer Express